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Welcome to CONST Literary (P)review

We lacked an outlet for challenging fiction and poetry in Sweden 2012, and decided to start CONST Literary (P)review.

As literary publishing becomes more and more commercialised the publication of quality literature is decreased and marginalized. It is pushed from the mainstream to the niches where visual art and theater is already found. Where we decided to meet the writers with open arms. During spring 2012 we requested challenging texts written in swedish. The response was huge. We’re now done with the the cherry-picking and getting ready for the release of the first issue.

What do we mean by challenging fiction? What we don’t mean is the ever predictable coming of age stories, detective stories, chicklits or vampire stories that we’ve seen far too much of from the publishing houses in recent years. In contrast, we mean texts that have something to say about society or what it means being human. Texts written by individuals who have mastered the craft, but don’t necessarily strive for classical perfection. We like the disturbing, the uncomfortable.

If we were to talk  in terms of fine art, maybe we imagine the equivalent of Louise Bourgeois or a messy painting by Francis Bacon. Beautiful but difficult. Perversions that give pleasure, or days when you see God.

We like it when literature is understandable without being stupefying, exciting without involving brutal murders. Literature that burns and says something about our society without being a grand political pamphlet.

Do you feel the same?

If so, you can look forward to the first issue of CONST Literary (P)review that will be released in late September this fall. 10 new texts written in Swedish, from both established authors and first time authors, are published in both English and Swedish in CONST Literary (P) review. The ambition is to make a magazine, but you might as well think of it as an anthology. We want to give you a preview of what we think is the best literature in Sweden 2012. For interested Swedes, but maybe more importantly for people in other countries who are curious about what is happening here.



What is the ambition of CLP? 

We like fiction, but lacked a good and fun forum for interesting fiction in Sweden today. We believe there is a desire for a serious literary magazine that takes the temperature of the Swedish literary climate, especially at a time when publishers are scaling back their quality- and first time author releases. We imagine a Swedish version of a mix of Paris Review, N +1, The Believer and Granta.

Why are the texts being translated into English? 

We want CONST Literary (P)review to be a preview, a magazine that presents what’s happening on the Swedish literature scene. We want to spread what happens here beyond Sweden’s borders, and so decided to make life difficult for ourselves and translate the selected texts into English. The texts are published in both English and Swedish, side by side in the magazine.


Can I get a review copy?
Send us an email at

Who are the founders of CLP?

Editor Maria Mårsell (born 1984), works as head of adult libraries at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm. She has an MA in comparative literature and aesthetics, and is one of the most knowledgeable on Sarah Kane and Anne Charlotte Leffler (in her lifetime more successful than Strindberg!).

Editor Ida Therén (born 1985) works as a cultural writer and club organizer. She has previously published short stories in several international magazines and is probably the expert on June Miller (Henry Miller’s wife).

If you have  any questions about CLP, please contact us at:

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